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Treat yourself ......

indulge your senses......

Welcome to your senses...

Indulge yourself in creamy Whipped Body Butters, Butter Bars, Lip Balmsand Light Spritzers for Body, Room or Linen.

Choose from our signature line or create your own with our vast assortment of essential oils, mix and match, buy as a Gift Set or purchase individually...the choice is yours.

NOTE:  All products are made to order upon your request ,handmade, no premixed ingredients.

Skin ur in Organics was started by me,
Denise LaPointe

Being a yoga instructor and Dance teacher I am always on the run. 

If there is one thing I love  after a long day of teaching is indulging myself in deliciously Scented Lotions, spritzers and Body Powders. I could never really find the scents I loved, so I to created my own...I began making them for my mother, then a few samples to my yoga students, and dance moms...they loved them.

Now I am making them available to you...

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